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 Snowflake Data Cloud Solutions

 The Data Cloud consists of two parts: platform and data. Snowflake’s platform is the engine that powers the Data Cloud. The data made available in the Data Cloud comes from customers and other data providers that store, access, and ultimately decide to share data via the Snowflake platform. We’re delighted to be a Snowflake Select Partner! With Snowflake Data Cloud Solutions we can help you make better, quicker business decisions, and improve your productivity and agility.


What is Snowflake?

Snowflake’s platform and data comprise the Data Cloud. It enables a wide variety of workloads and applications on any cloud, including data warehouses, data lakes, data pipelines, and data sharing, as well as business intelligence, data science, and data analytics applications.

Snowflake provides one location for structured and semi-structured data, so there are no data silos. It enables you to share governed data instantly and securely across your organisation and with external partners, without the need to copy or move data. Snowflake is a cloud-agnostic platform that can distribute data across regions or even across cloud providers, so you can mix and match clouds as you see fit.

Snowflake’s six core workloads

From a single platform, Snowflake enables your most critical data workloads:

Snowflake Data Cloud

Data Engineering
Snowflake streamlines data engineering, delivering performance and simplicity so your organisation can focus on getting value from your data instead of managing the pipelines and infrastructure.

Data Warehouse
Snowflake’s support for data warehousing and analytics provides a low-maintenance, cost-effective way for your organisation to consolidate all your data silos into a single source of truth that you can query to get results fast. By providing consistently fast queries, more users analyse more data and collaborate with their peers.

Data Applications
Snowflake provides a unique architecture that enables the development of modern applications without managing complex data infrastructure. Because Snowflake is a fully managed data platform with features such as high concurrency, scalability, automatic scaling, and support for ANSI SQL, developers can quickly deliver data applications that are fast and scalable.

Data Lake
Using Snowflake as either a standalone data lake or to augment an existing one, delivers the best value in the market for storage, transformations, and data warehousing within one platform to serve all business needs.

Data Science
Snowflake helps data scientists operate quickly and efficiently by providing a centralised source of high-performance data to a robust ecosystem of data science partners that handle modelling and training algorithms. Partner-provided output is fed back into Snowflake where it’s easily accessible to technical and non-technical users.

Data Sharing
Snowflake Data Marketplace enables instant, frictionless, and secure sharing of live data within and between organisations. Unlike traditional data sharing methods such as email, FTP, cloud storage (Amazon S3, Box), and APIs, Snowflake eliminates data movement, doesn’t require the data consumer to reconstruct data (ETL), and provides direct access to live data in a secure environment. Snowflake Data Marketplace allows companies to grant instant access to ready-to-use data to any number of data consumers without any data movement, copying, or complex pipelines.

Snowflake and Qlik

Qlik together with Snowflake offers you a smooth, speedy, scalable, cost effective and complete enterprise solution. Set your data architecture end-to-end, from raw to analytics ready data – with only one platform and one tool.

with Qlik and Snowflake you can have it all

One of Qliks latest capabilities is Direct Query. A data connection option that enables analytics apps to generate SQL queries directly against Snowflake as the user interacts with data through visualisations and dynamic filtering. This empowers users of any level to easily explore and analyze the most recent data, increasing the speed to insights and decision-making. To learn more about best practices around Qlik’s options when consuming data from Snowflake, have a look at this whitepaper.


Want a quick overview of Direct Query? Check out the short video below!

Get started in the Snowflake Data Cloud!

As a Snowflake Select Services Partner we can help you migrate or make the most of your Snowflake deployment. Talk to us today and together we’ll take your business to new frontiers in the Data Cloud.