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Qlik Cloud Analytics
– Part of the Qlik Cloud Platform

Democratise your data and empower all people in your organisation to make data driven decisions – whenever, wherever.

More People using more data maximises the value of it
With Qlik Cloud Analytics you get:

Get the insights you need
to make the right decisions

AUTOMATE GENERATION OF INSIGHTS using machine learning, predictive analytics, and generative AI techniques.

SEAMLESS NATURAL LANGUAGE INTERACTION for swift answers and ad-hoc analyses

EFFORTLESSLY GAIN INSIGHTS OF YOUR DATA and understand the ”why” behind trends and patterns with Visualisations and Dashboards

MAKE USE OF ALERTING AND AUTOMATIONS to trigger human or automated actions fueled by insights.

Make use of Qlik Cloud Analytics capabilities to step up your game

Data driven insights should be accessible to everyone – right? With automated insight generation, natural language interaction, predictive analytics, and generative AI, Qlik has it covered. By giving the business users access to data science and generative AI they can interactively explore larger scopes of data.

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Augmented Analytics

Turn data in to knowledge

With AI and ML at core Qlik delivers a range of seamlessly integrated Augmented capabilities. Let more people, regardless of skill, amplify the power of their data with:
· Automated insight generation
· Search and natural language interaction
· AI-assisted creation and data prep
· AutoML and predictive analytics

Embedded Analytics

Make analytics available where decisions are made

Get the insights you need to make better decisions faster by seamlessly integrating analytics data into your apps. Embed all the capabilities and visualisations you need and style them to your likes. The embedding toolkit provides no-code to pro-code options — so any user can take advantage of Qlik Cloud Analytics.

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Visualisations and Dashboards

Use the full potential of your data

Get to know your data – by exploring interactively. Create business dashboards by drag and drop making further exploration easy. Qlik’s Associate Engine lets you freely search and explore across all your data at the speed of thought, revealing insights that query-based tools miss.


Keep everyone in the know

Get the information you need, when you need it – from a single source of truth. Automated no-code templates help you create branded presentation ready reports in PDF, PPT or Excel. These pixel perfect reports are ready to share both inside or outside the organisation. Self-service subscriptions and alerts helps keep everyone up to date.

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Qlik Cloud Analytics Pricing

Qlik Cloud’s license model is capacity-based, offering a fixed fee based on an agreed capacity limit. The capacity-based pricing therefore provides a predictable cost for the year. Depending on the organisation’s needs, there are different packages and capacity sizes to choose from. The Premium (most common) package starts with a capacity of 50GB and an unlimited number of users.

To estimate your annual cost – fill in the form below and we will get back to you within one working day.

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