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Här samlar vi senaste nytt, blogginlägg, event och annat kul som är på gång. Följ oss gärna i sociala medier eller prenumerera på vårt nyhetsbrev för att få aktuella nyheter direkt i din inkorg.

Vizlib From insights to action

Vizlib From insights to action

Data and analytics are playing a critical role in business and finance. One of the most prominent challenges organizations are facing today is the fragmented analytics landscape that makes it difficult for departments to share data and collaborate on data insights to be able to act fast and drive business value. In this webinar series, we will explore the immense potential of collaborating within Qlik Sense, leveraging visual planning to align strategy with operational performance with the help of Vizlib value-added products.

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Qlik a leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant

Qlik a leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant

Download the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2021 report to easier compare BI tools. Get an overview of the analytics market ― discover what makes Qlik a 11 year consecutive MQ Leader in Analytics and BI platforms.

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Vårens produktwebinar från Qlik

Vårens produktwebinar från Qlik

Vi startar 2021 med en webinarserie – Funderar du på Qlik Sense SaaS, QDI eller nya funktioner i Qlik Sense? Här hittar du svaren! Varmt välkommen att delta vid ett eller flera tillfällen.

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Qlik Webinar: 7 Ways to Accelerate Business Insights

Qlik Webinar: 7 Ways to Accelerate Business Insights

Give more data analytics power to your people! Analytics based on the quick delivery of up-to-date data is critical. But that requires more than pretty visualisations. We’ll give you 7 Ways to Accelerate Business Insights with Modern Data Analytics.

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Webinar: Integrera Qlik och Planacy – Förenkla och förädla er budgetprocess

Webinar: Integrera Qlik och Planacy – Förenkla och förädla er budgetprocess

Tisdagen den 16 mars visar vi hur ni kombinerar prognosticering, planering och analys i Planacy och Qlik. Det möjliggör en planeringsprocess, där ni kan arbeta aktivt med er budget /prognos och direkt se hur olika scenarios påverkar resultatet.

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Climber merges with Digia Plc

Climber merges with Digia Plc

December 15th, 2020: We’re excited to announce that Climber is joining forces with the Finnish Data Utilisation Powerhouse Digia Plc in a deal that closes on January 7. The transaction is a growth enabler, adding the capabilities needed to speed up the journey towards cloud-based BI. Climber will continue to operate as a subsidiary under the same brand.

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Välkommen till Climber!

Här berättar Jan Sipek, koncernchef, och Eva Chrona, Vd, om vår vision Creating Intelligent Business och hur vi kan hjälpa dig med dina datarelaterade utmaningar. Häng med hem till oss!

It's Shrove Tuesday - #Fettisdagen - and as always we're spoiled to bits by @ett_bageri at the Stockholm office. They have T H E best "semlor" ever! We have a limited amount of seats at the office due to covid19 restrictions, all of them taken today though. Best dig in then!

Proud to introduce our new Head of Climber Academy and Senior Consultant at the Helsinki office Mikko Jyrkiäinen - a firm believer that data can change the world, but people can too - what better than combine them? It's a no-brainer that data literacy and leading with data are among his main work drivers. Mikko loves a challenge, problem solving and new opportunities to expand his skills. This easygoing guy is an ice hockey geek - the whole family plays - and if there's time over from the hockey he enjoys a game of padel or Pipolätka which is hockey too but on a frozen pond. To take his mind of these trying times Mikko plays the guitar, they're such a musical bunch our Finns. We'd all like to wish Mikko the warmest of welcomes to Kauko Metsähovi's Finnish team. So pleased to have Mikko on-board!
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A healthier and happier team requires a healthier and happier environment to bloom. Therefore we decided to team up with @breathenaava and set up several green walls in our Helsinki office. Not just for visual pleasure or relaxing effects, but also to clean the office air in a natural way. On pic: Our BI consultant Taneli Orelma
#thinkgreen #businessIntelligence #lifeatclimber #BIconsultant
We'd like to say Happy Friday to all by showing off our Swedish Qlik certificants of 2020 - Simon Nexbo, Ammar Aljaderi, Magnus Petersson-Ahrholt, Johan Hessler, Ulrika Bäckström Da Silva, Thorsten Grund, Carl Wallteg, Ola Roxendal, Magnus Bineholt, Jonas Martinsson, Jerry Svensson and Malin Svensson - what a an impressive bunch! Well done all of you - we with Eva Chrona at head are super chuffed to have you on our team!

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Winter Greetings from Finland! Remote work is the new black, and an environmental sustainable way of working. The seed of this mindset was planted back in Sep 2016, when we decided to relocate our office from Vantaa close to the airport, to the heart of Helsinki downtown. Before, 100% of employees had to take the car to the office. Now, if not working remotely, 85% commute by public transportation and 15% walk. A small contribution to the environment, and a healthier, happier team!
Captured on pic outside the Helsinki office: BI consultant Taneli Orelma
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We've trained our office dog well! Michael Nordström's English Springer Spaniel, Bowser (yes, he's named after the Super Mario character) delivers the afterwork beer to all desks at the Sthlm office, starting 16.00 sharp on Fridays. Isn't he clever? And what a great way to start off the weekend!
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Baby boom at the Climber Stockholm office! #BI Managers Daniel Häggroth and David Edvardsson are now on parental leave and by the looks of it they're enjoying spending their days strolling in the winter landscape. Have a great time with your kiddiewinkles even though we will miss seeing you on teams!

Meantime their customers are left in good hands with Eva Wallin, Kim von Seth, Jonas Grundström, Olof Malmström and Ola Roxendal.

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Pleased to introduce our Climber Hubspot Champion, who has helped us out with fab apps for marketing and sales follow up - meet BI consultant @samulipeura from the Helsinki office! Samuli studied at the University of Eastern Finland and has a Master in Finance, his work drivers are making sense out of a data or business mess and by that adding value to the business. During his spare time multi talented Samuli enjoys playing badminton and rock music, he's a bassist. He also has a keen interest in chess which he's currently studying and if anyone dares a challenge he's is open for that too. A huge welcome from all in @kaukometsahovi Finnish team and the rest of the bunch at Climber!

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