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Data, Analytics & AI Trends 2024



How do we move from big to better data? We are in the middle of an AI boom, with Generative AI taking us into a new era of productivity and prosperity. But delivering on that will require a new model that promotes better – and trusted – data. Learn which data, analytics, and AI trends that are rising as a result, and what you need to know to stay ahead!

Bridging the Trust Gap in Generative AI: The Big to Better Data Imperative

Watch the Top 10 Data, Analytics & AI Trends 2024 webinar on-demand at a time that suits you.

Dan Sommer, Market Intelligence Director at Qlik, reveals and explores the top 10 trends that will impact organisations over the coming year shaped by two key ideas:

  • Trusting AI in your business – AI can revolutionise decision speed and accuracy, but certain things must be in place for your organisation to leverage traditional and Generative AI with confidence.
  • Trusted data is valuable data – Learn how to monetise your data twice; first by empowering better business decisions that increase revenue, and again by establishing data as a tradable product.

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Senior Director, Market Intelligence at Qlik

Dan Sommer is Qlik’s leader of Global Market Intelligence. With more than two decades of experience in the IT industry, Dan is a frequent industry speaker, blogger, and columnist within data, analytics, and data integration. He is passionate about data literacy, supporting data-driven cultures, and tracking trends in the industry. For many years in a row, Dan has been authoring Qlik’s ever-popular annual Data Trends eBook. Prior to joining Qlik, Dan was Research Director of BI and Analytics at Gartner.

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