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– March 2024 Updates –


Welcome to the next edition of the ‘What’s New in Qlik Cloud’ blog for 2024. This bumper edition includes the latest and greatest enhancements made to the Qlik Cloud Platform. The March updates focus on developments to the Data Analytics side of the Qlik Cloud Platform, with a few smaller enhancements to the Data Integration area. Learn more below about the highlights picked by Climber’s BI Manager Roger Gray and Data Integration Consultant Mark James.

Data Analytics

Key highlights to the Data Analytics area include the support of PDF outputs from Tabular Reports, a new SAP ODP Connector, and a new Direct Access Data Gateway version.

1. Machine Learning SHAP Importance Datasets Supported

AutoML and ML Deployments now support the generation of Coordinate SHAP datasets for Multiclass Classification models. This enhancement further enriches the interpretability of machine learning models. SHAP values are key to creating a viable model as it assigns an importance value to each feature in a model. Positive values positively impact the prediction, while those with negative values have a negative impact.

2. Tabular Reporting PDF File Format Supported

Tabular reports get a significant boost with the introduction of PDF file format support. Report developers can configure the output of tabular reports in PDF, expanding the capabilities of reporting tasks. Users of the Qlik Add-in for Microsoft Excel can also preview reports in PDF format, enabling multi-page, highly formatted, read-only report creation and distribution.

3. User Navigation Action Button: Go to Chart

The Button feature receives a notable upgrade with the introduction of a new navigation option: Go to sheet and specifying a specific chart. This enhancement enhances user interactivity, allowing seamless navigation within an app or on a single sheet.

4. Data Connection Enhancements

  1. New SAP ODP Connector
    Qlik Cloud Analytics broadens its support for SAP with the introduction of the SAP ODP Connector. This connector offers numerous advantages over existing SAP connectors, including simplified access to CDS Views and HANA Views, compatibility with SAP Runtime license, and up to 25% faster performance. Notably, it does not require a separate Qlik SAP Connector license or SAP transport installation.
  2. Support LOAD and STORE of Parquet files with nested data
    The Qlik associative engine now includes support for loading and storing nested fields with Parquet files. This support enhances data preparation capabilities, particularly when working with Apache Parquet files.

5. Identity Providers SAML

Qlik Cloud now seamlessly integrates with SAML identity providers, offering customers the flexibility to configure their corporate identity provider for user authentication using the SAML protocol. To set up SAML in your tenant, refer to the comprehensive help documentation for step-by-step guidance.

6. Trust and Security

Qlik continues to enhance and expand trust and security of Qlik Cloud with these changes:

  1. Qlik Cloud Certifications and Attestations
    Qlik achieves updated and new certifications, underlining its commitment to security and compliance. The certifications include ISO 27001:2022 (Updated), ISO 27017:2015 (New), ISO 27018:2019 (New), and IRAP Protected (New). For detailed information, explore the Qlik Trust and Privacy resources.
  2. Enhancements to Qlik’s Customer Managed Keys (CMK)
    Customer Managed Keys (CMK) now supports and utilises AWS (Amazon Web Services) Multi-Region Keys. This enhancement ensures continued access and processing of encrypted data during primary region outages. Qlik recommends migrating from Single Region Keys to Multi-Region Keys for seamless tenant access in disaster outage events.

Data Integration

This month’s updates focus on improvements to the Task Monitor views, and Task Settings. More details on other new features can be found below.

1. Improved Filters for Task Monitor Views

There are two enhancements around filters being used in monitor views:

  1. “Source Type” Filters
    This enhancement now allows the users to create monitor views based upon specific data source technologies (e.g. SAP and SQL Server landing on replication tasks).
  2. Data Gateway Filters
    With the Data Gateway filter, it is now possible to use a monitor view to see all the tasks which rely upon a chosen Data Movement Gateway. This will be useful to identify tasks which are dependent on the Gateway version during the times of version upgrade. With this enhancement users can easily stop operations on tasks which are reliant on a chosen Data Gateway prior to the upgrade.

2. New Task Settings

Landing tasks are the first step in a Data Pipeline in Qlik Cloud Data Integration. This new enhancement provides additional setup options for controlling the operation and improving the performance of a landing task:

  1. Control Tables
    These are used to provide status information to the target data platform, such as the landing status, suspended tables, and task history, including the number and volume of records being processed during landing.
  2. Error Handling Policies
    These policies allow the user to control what happens when errors such as data truncation errors occur. Actions to take after the error are Ignore Errors, Suspend Table, or Stop the Task.

3. Optimised Data Delivery to Cloud Data Platforms

This enhancement allows users to fine tune performance by controlling the frequency and conditions under which data changes are applied to the chosen target cloud data warehouse. This in turn could also have a reduction on the costs incurred in managing the data stored in your chosen cloud data warehouse.


In conclusion, Qlik’s recent updates and features demonstrate their commitment to improving data management and analysis capabilities. Whether you are focused on data integration, error handling, or analytics, these enhancements offer valuable tools and capabilities to help you make the most of your data. Stay tuned for further updates and innovations from Qlik as they continue to shape the data analytics and integration landscape.


Magnus Petersson-Ahrholt

BI Manager Services
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Thomas Christian

Business Relationship Manager
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Publicerat 2024-03-06


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