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What’s New in Qlik Cloud

– July 2024 Updates –


Welcome to the next edition of the ‘What’s New in Qlik Cloud’ blog for July 2024. This month, Qlik has focused on updates that enhance app customisation, improve user experience, and streamline your data analysis and reporting processes. In the Data Integration area, the new additions will improve the performance and reliability of data replication processes.

Authors: Roger Gray, BI Manager, & Tom Cotterill, BI Consultant, at Climber.

Data Analytics

We’re excited to introduce several new features from Qlik designed to enhance app customisation, improve user experience, and streamline your data analysis and reporting processes. Read on to learn more about these new additions.

1. Context Menu for Visualisations

Qlik introduces a new Context Menu for Visualisations toggle in Qlik Cloud. This feature enhances app customisation and user experience by providing flexible control over the context menu visibility within app properties. With this toggle, you can tailor the user interface to better suit your needs and preferences, making your visualisations more interactive and user-friendly.

2. On-Demand Tabular Reporting

Say goodbye to waiting for scheduled reports. With Qlik Cloud’s new On-Demand Tabular Reporting feature, you can make highly formatted tabular reports available directly to in-app users. This allows users to set their preferred data selections and download the file to their desktop immediately. This feature is particularly useful for users who need to:

  • Generate standardised documents for printing.
  • Produce complex, dimensionally driven worksheets of tabular data for downstream analysis.

To use this feature, simply make selections during analysis and then download a tabular report to your desktop using the assets panel. It’s that easy!

3. Copy Cell Value in Pivot

Often the simplest of change can make a significant improvement in the user experience, such as the new pivot table with the Copy Cell Value feature. You can now easily copy the value of any cell directly from the context menu. This small but powerful improvement saves time and increases efficiency when working with pivot tables.

4. Enable and Disable Autocomplete in Script and Expression Editors

For the development community, who gets annoyed by the autocomplete when typing a load statement, Qlik has introduced the ability to disable autocomplete hints in the script editor. Whether you prefer having helpful suggestions while you type or want a cleaner, distraction-free coding environment, this feature puts you in control.

Data Integration

This month, Qlik has introduced several enhancements to its Data Integration tools on Qlik Cloud, focusing on improving connectivity, performance, and data governance. These updates improve the performance and reliability of data replication processes. The enhancements also ensure more efficient and accurate data transfers, crucial for maintaining the integrity and consistency of data across different systems.

With these updates, Qlik continues to position itself as a leader in the data integration space, offering powerful and user-friendly solutions that cater to the evolving demands of businesses.

Please note that the following enhancements for Qlik Cloud Data Integration require the Qlik Data Gateway – Data Movement version 2023.11.11 or later.

1. Enterprise Connectivity

New targets for replication projects were added to facilitate integration with a wider array of data sources. This enhancement allows users to seamlessly connect to more diverse data environments, improving the overall flexibility and utility of the platform in various IT infrastructures.

By providing more extensive and flexible connectivity, Qlik enhances the ability of organisations to unify disparate data sources, thereby improving the accuracy and scope of their data analytics.

2. New Project Level Data View

The new project-level data view provides detailed visibility into data assets within each project. This improved transparency helps in better tracking and managing data lineage, ensuring compliance with data governance policies.

The Project Level Data View streamlines data management as it allows users to view dataset metadata and sample data for tasks from the pipeline perspective without having to enter each task. This capability is secured by the ‘Can View Data’ role to ensure only users with explicitly granted permissions can view data in the data platform.

3. Snowflake metadata schema

Now the Snowflake metadata schema (for staged files) will be created if it does not exist. This improvement is particularly beneficial as it streamlines workflows and reduces the time spent on manual data management tasks. A good enhancement to the overall efficiency and reliability of data operations when using Snowflake.

4. Resolved Issues

Qlik Cloud has addressed several resolved issues to enhance user experience and system performance:

  • The most notable resolved issues included updates to the ‘java_file_factory ‘ and ‘org.postgresql:postgresql’ components to stable versions.
  • Stability and performance enhancements were implemented across various modules, reducing instances of unexpected application crashes and increasing overall system reliability.
  • These resolutions collectively contribute to a smoother, more dependable user experience, allowing users to leverage Qlik Cloud’s capabilities with greater confidence and efficiency.


Qlik’s recent updates and features demonstrate their commitment to improving data management and analysis capabilities. Whether you are focused on data integration, error handling, or analytics, these enhancements offer valuable tools and capabilities to help you make the most of your data. Stay tuned for further updates and innovations from Qlik as they continue to shape the data analytics and integration landscape.


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