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What is Data Literacy?

2018 will be the year of data literacy, but what does it actually mean? In this short video, Dan Sommer, Sr. Director Global Market Intelligence Lead at Qlik, explains the definition of data literacy and why it’s a must have today. Together with Olof Malmström, Business Consultant at Climber, he also explains the concept of Augmented Intelligence and Smart Data Discovery.

Webinar: Top BI Trends for 2018

What will the BI Trends for 2018 be? And how will they affect you and your organisation? Register for Qlik’s BI Trends 2018 Webinar with Dan Sommer and learn how you can transform your data and evolve your BI strategy. Dan will also reveal why 2018 is the year for the “desilofication of data”. 


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Top BI Trends of 2019

Is AI going to rule the world? Is it all moving to the cloud? Didn’t get a chance to watch Qlik’s BI Trends of 2019, read our highlights here and find out what we think the trends of 2019 will be.

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Event: Climber Extensions för Qlik Sense

Visste du att 27% saknar funktioner i sin BI-lösning? Och att 51% säger att rätt funktioner skulle göra att fler använder verktyget på deras företag? Välkommen till våra event i Stockholm 19/2 och Malmö 27/2 då vi berättar hur ni kan skräddarsy er lösning med extensions får att få ut det mesta av er investering i Qlik Sense.

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The Climber Finance Report Extension is TED accredited!

We are super excited to announce our second TED accreditation! The Climber Finance Report Extension combines the power of Qlik Sense with the looks of a classic report. It’s definitely the latest must have!

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